Enrich the value of digital collectibles and assets with the instant launch of the market-ready NFT marketplace

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Our solution carrying unique features paves the way for huge investment opportunities and a promising revenue stream.


  • NFT Marketplace Design & Development

    Our solid knowledge of NFTs standards and smart contracts helps us launch an NFT marketplace for personalized experiences. We have the potential to deploy an NFT marketplace on any blockchain platform.

  • White Label Solutions Like OpenSea

    Get a quick entry into the NFT industry with our white label solutions like OpenSea. We do customizations within the highly sophisticated market-ready NFT platform keeping the present crypto market in mind.

  • NFT Development For eCommerce

    Powering up your eCommerce with NFTs will drive a limitless opportunity for your platform to perform. By getting NFT in the eCommerce business, you can increase productivity at a high rate.

  • NFT Aggregator Development

    Get started with our NFT aggregator marketplace development services to start managing everything from sales, purchases, NFT listing, etc. Our solution combines friendly features for both collectors and creators.

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Case studies



Chilescope. Online observatory

A system for ordering and paying for online astrophotography at an observatory in Chile.

Using, scientists of the IKI RAN were able to observe the merger of two neutron stars. The photographs were able to detect the presence of gravitational waves - one of the main scientific discoveries of recent years.


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> 1000 MAU

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    • MVP for startups

      The full cycle of application development from the idea to publication in the app store.

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