Tender platforms

We create electronic platforms for large and medium-sized businesses with process automation and integrations.

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Reduce the company's procurement costs and comply with legal obligations by automating processes.


  • Electronic trading facility

    Publication of purchases, bidding and auctions according to your business processes. We develop customized solutions for both commercial and government companies, as well as for the industry as a whole.

  • Procurement management system

    Automation of procurement processes for goods, works and services, including the conduct of procurement procedures in electronic form, control of the company's budget, management of relationships with suppliers and the switch to a fully electronic document flow.

  • Integration with external systems

    Implementation of integrations and their up-to-date support in terms of the implementation of the procurement legislation.

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    Large high-loaded systems modernization

  • 2

    Web applications development

  • 3

    Integrations with external and internal services

  • 4

    Integration testing


Technologies stack

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Case studies


Tender platforms

STAR purchasing service

A purchasing service that makes it easy to plan and organize multi-million dollar deals.

Morphological search for purchases (6 TB of data) followed by sample analytics.


Time of realisation (mo.)





> 600 000 MAU

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