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Solution in logistic

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Solution in logistic


  • Warehouse management system

    We develop custom solutions with features: inventory tracking, storage optimization, integration with third-party systems, pick-to-light functionality, automated documentation, analytics and reporting

  • Transportation management software

    It’s a platform that helps the company’s management set the workflow and optimize the processes related to its transportation fleets: planning and route optimization, tracking and visibility, transport intelligence and reporting, automation of follow-up operations

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    Development costs optimization

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    Operational risks reduction

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    Modern technologies


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Case studies



A website for Domodedovo Airport

Redesign and development of new functionality for the website of one of the largest airports in Europe with a passenger traffic of more than 30 million people per year.

"We implemented a convenient navigation system and a number of new services on the website: quick information search, ticket selection and purchase service, feedback forms, “Domodedovo Cargo” cargo transportation functionality, etc. "


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MAU > 600 000

    Other services

    • Frontend development

      Build high-quality web and mobile apps with a stunning UX/UI

    • API as a service (APIaaS)

      With our assistance, you can build an API-first business by developing an API-as-a-service (APIaaS) platform. Our web and protocol development approach includes the use of HTTP/HTTPS, XML, XHTML, JSON, Java, SOAP, EDI, AJAX, TCP/IP, and/or REST API development services.

    • Web development of highload solutions

      We create highload web and mobile services that solves business problems

    • Custom API development

      We create robust and highly available APIs for traffic-intensive desktop, mobile, and cloud applications

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