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Modernize your product to meet new company goals and processes.

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We will improve the existing software, implement new reports and dashboards, and migrate the code and databases to the required technology stack.


  • Large high-loaded systems modernization

    We know how to implement new processes with complex business logic, multiple integrations and high requirements for scalability and data security into existing solutions.

  • Integrations with external and internal services

    We integrate with external APIs, implement end-to-end integration, combine Big Data arrays, IoT devices. If necessary, we set up integrations with legacy systems that do not support the API.

  • Migration to required technologies

    We successfully migrate from desktop applications to the web, from monolithic architecture to microservices, from paid databases to open source databases.

  • Integration testing

    We develop an integration testing strategy with open-book tasks and deadlines. We develop integration stubs to emulate the operation of external systems for independent testing. We are ready to develop new tools for managing integration stubs.

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    Large high-loaded systems modernization

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    Integrations with external and internal services

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    Migration to required technologies

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    Integration testing


Technologies stack

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Case studies



Highload cashback service of MTS mobile operator

Thousands of user requests per second, more than 10 integrations

How we created a website for the cashback service of the largest mobile operator


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