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Web Development

We develop software solutions from MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to testing and running final product. Our applications are responsive, easy to implement across devices, browsers, and operating systems. We build web solutions to help our clients solve their most complicated business challenges.
Frontend Development. We provide seamless converting app data to user interface. Developing graphics and all visible elements of interface for user to interact with.
Backend Development. We are experienced in implementing functionality into the core product, integrating an application with external systems. Our team help you to organize data storage, describe the process of data access and built a business logic in the database layer.

Mobile App Development

We offer a full cycle of mobile application development services focused on your business goals. From concept to publishing. Our developers are competent in relevant technology stack. 

Xamarin App Development. We offer our clients a cross-platform mobile app development. Applications built on Xamarin are often compared to native for iOS and Android mobile development platforms and also for Windows. The Xamarin based cross-platform applications can be easily integrated to most of the popular backend platforms such as Parse, Microsoft Azure etc. Application indexing in Xamarin allows applications successfully appear in the search results. 

React Native App Development. React Native is a cross-platform mobile app development framework. It helps us to build mobile apps on JavaScript only. React Native allows developers to use a hybrid mobile app development methodology. There is no necessity for client to hire a core developer team. Any developer can understand the sequence of codes that run by the application.

Custom Application Development

We develop scalable custom applications, simple and affordable web solutions that matches your unique requests and business needs. Our team of expert developers will explore your business and recommend the technology suitable to your logic and process. Custom solutions created by DD Planet are able to fulfill any non-standard workflow, unique process, specific business vision. 

We have successfully completed the implementation a range of complicated projects. So we can guarantee software performance, scalability, high solution maintainability and system integration of the applications. Any application developed by our team will show a persistent and stable execution on every web and mobile browser.

UI/UX Design

We offer clients a full cycle of interface development. Including customer research, creation and design of interface, development, track usage. Our team is experienced in creating user interface design. We have an essential professional skills, understanding of user behavior, knowledge about trends.

Application Testing

All product hypothesis and design need to be tested on a different groups of real users. This approach help us to detect all user-critical bugs, invalid and unnecessary tools and elements. All this problems are fixed, excluded and replaced before. Accuracy and attention to detail let us to develop effective UX intuitive and clear UI interfaces. 

A/B testing, usability tests and tracking of usage helps you to evaluate the effectiveness of new interfaces. Our professionals will test a product functionality and design of its elements to help you build an effective UX and intuitive UI.

IT Support & Consulting

Our team of experienced and professional developers always ready to receive you a comprehensive technical support of the site and advice on any issues. Our goal is to deliver our clients a high quality product and maintain high standards of development.  We are always ready to help you simplify and upgrade a current functionality of your website or mobile application.

The development rate

Our prices are reasonable and fair. We guarantee a high quality of our development. So our services are cost-efficient for clients.